Richmar TheraTouch® CX2

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Combining electrotherapy and stim into a single device is convenient. It takes up less space, and obviously poses significant cost savings when compared with buying two separate devices. This has made our four-channel combo devices very popular for clinics of all sizes, particularly those with large, open treatment areas where multiple patients are seen concurrently. What about those who don’t need four channels?

TheraTouch CX2 has the same interface and waveforms that ha
ve made TheraTouch CX4 a favorite among many clinicians, but with two channels of stim output.

TheraTouch CX2 is ideal for private treatment rooms where four electrotherapy channels may not be needed. Using TheraTouch CX2 in these situations provides savings for the clinic when purchasing their device, without sacrificing the  TheraTouch features that clinicians depend on.

8 clinical waveforms

  • Interferential
  • Premodulated
  • TENS (Symmetrical Biphasic & Asymmetrical Biphasic)
  • NMS
  • Russian
  • High Volt
  • Microcurrent
  • RAAS: New, proprietary protocol for muscle movement assistance

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