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Learn Why Just 9 Minutes a Day On a NuStep Will Lead to a Healthier You

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Multimodal Method for Managing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain—often identified as pain persisting for 12 or more weeks—can result in prolonged or permanent changes in the peripheral and/or central nervous system. Pain-specific nerves and nerve pathways become oversensitized, causing a pain response in the absence of actual tissue damage. In this case, pain itself becomes the primary problem that interferes with patient function and well-being, more so than the initial cause of the pain.
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Sensory and Motor Level TENS for Pain Management

An evidence-based guide to using dosing variables in achieving optimum levels of pain relief with a non-pharmacological technology
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NMES Muscle Torque Production Study

The purpose of this study was to test the torquegenerating capacity of a portable battery powered NMES device (InTENSity Select Combo II) to determine the percentage of maximal volitional isometric contraction that can be achieved through the delivery of maximal tolerable electrically induced muscle contractions in the quadriceps muscle.
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