Our Certified Pre-Owned Process

Save thousands on Certified Pre-Owned Equipment from US MedRehab. You won’t find a better deal. 

What is CPO? 

CPO stands for Certified Pre-Owned. US MedRehab takes used equipment and makes it like new again. Our certified technicians work hard to make sure your equipment is ready for a new journey.  

Our Process 

Each used machine goes through an extensive 60-point inspection. This ensures that the technician notices any defective parts and fixes them before the unit is sold. Each unit is tested thoroughly and refurbished to an impressive like-new condition. You shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a new and CPO unit. 

Batteries, Alternators, and Generators 

Just like on your car, these parts are prone to wear and tear. These are one of the first things we diagnose for problems during our inspection process. If they do not meet manufacturer’s specifications, they are rebuilt or replaced to ensure longevity and perfect performance.  


These are the computers that make the unit function properly. If there is something wrong with them, chances are, the unit isn’t performing as it should. These parts go through a series of tests. In many cases, these parts require basic repairs. If we are unable to perform these basic repairs, the part is replaced. 

LCD/Touch Screens 

The screen is the first place a user will notice imperfections. Afterall, it is made to be looked at while the unit is in use. The screen and the plastic overlays (on LCD screens) are checked to ensure they are in working order and functioning as they should. If not, they are replaced. 


Although the paint does not affect the functionality of the unit, it offers protectivity and cosmetic appeal. Any imperfections are addressed by repainting. Repainting is always done by manufacturer standards, as all units are different. 

Drive Belts and Crank Assemblies 

These parts are essential to any moving parts on the unit. All belts are OEM-quality drive belts. Defective crank assemblies are either rebuilt or replaced. Both of these parts are important to extend the life of your unit. 


Plastics are important for both the physical appeal and protection of the unit. If they are damaged or broken, we replace them with replacement parts from the manufacturer. 


The decal is an important piece to preserve the appeal of the unit. If they are torn, peeling, or faded, they are replaced to ensure that every small detail on the unit looks brand new.  

Did You Know? 

US MedRehab offers service on your machines! Is there something wrong with a unit you own? US MedRehab can send a certified technician to your home to fix what’s wrong.  

Do you have a machine you no longer have a use for? We also buy back used equipment. This helps our CPO process, and helps provide a more cost-effective option for someone in need of fitness and rehab equipment.