About Us

US MedRehab was started by experts in medical rehabilitation sales and equipment to provide cost-effective solutions for your rehab needs. We saw that many people across the world don’t want to have to go out of their homes in order to access high quality rehab and saw a want for personal independence during rehabilitation. We make sure our company provides premium service that doesn’t just come with a product but comes with a team. 

At USMR we only sell what we know is the best for you. Our core product lines are offered across 8 different categories: Clinical Supplies, Modalities Evaluation, Home Medical Equipment & ADL, Fitness & Furniture, Orthopedics, and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Equipment.

The diversity of expertise on our staff allows for us to deliver assistance at every turn. From support, education, through pre and post-sale help we will make sure that you are comfortable as you go through your buying process. Before you buy your product, each unit is carefully examined and tested thoroughly; to ensure 100% quality and efficacy of your rehab, our team also provides specialized technical service amenities, repair, annual calibration checks. Our team desires to make the connection between you, USMR, and our products and services is as smooth as possible, and our friendly team is always ready to assist.

USMR, much like many across the world, grew-up during the COVID- 19 pandemic. During this time, we became obsessed with creating a company that can provide care, even in trying times such as these. Our cornerstone is the idea of a company that doesn’t just sell products but rather one that ensures care, no matter what is happening outside in the world. USMR certifies that you are always able to rely on us to provide quality clinically proven medical rebab products wherever, whenever. We know rehab and because of that we also know that rehab isn’t a want, it’s a need that does not stop for the rehab center wait times and lockdowns; that’s why you will always find our team ready to help and ready to connect.

Main Office & Warehouse - Saint Louis, MO
USMR Headquarters