NuStep T4R

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This NuStep Comes Fully Assembled 

Get into the best shape of your life with NuStep! Whether you’re suffering from issues with mobility, rehabilitating after an injury, or wish to accomplish a cardio workout at home, the NuStep T4R Recumbent Cross Trainer offers just everything you’ll need to get fit. It is designed for everyone of all ages and fitness levels to get an impactful cardio session in the comfort of their homes—enabling a low-impact way to burn calories, improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and bones. Its unique adjustable seating and handles allow you to adjust the length to fit body type and height. The LED control panel also helps switch between resistance levels, workout modes, and track footsteps.

NuStep was designed to enable as many users as possible – regardless of age, or ability level – to Take That Step toward a healthier, richer, longer life. NuStep's inclusive, low-impact, total-body design and wide range of resistance levels allow for a full-body cardio and strength workout. The seated (recumbent) position reduces the risk of falls.

The T4r provides a smooth and natural motion that delivers a low impact, inclusive, total-body cardiovascular and strengthening workout for virtually all users. Get a low impact workout with high impact results.


  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Inclusive design, adjustable features and 400 lb weight capacity
  • Smooth-stepping motion simulates walking
  • Low-inertia startup and user-controlled step length
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Easy to access and easy to use
  • 360° swivel seat, locking feature and hand grip
  • Multiple workout programs

The Professional Model NuStep T4r comes loaded with the Foot Secure System, Seatbelt, and Stridelock.

Foot Secure System

Features two adjustable straps on each foot pedal to keep feet stable and securely in place during exercise.  Straps can be stored under the pedals when they are not in use.


Adds stability for users with limited mobility or upper body weakness and ensures a proper seated position.

  • Easy to attach and remove
  • One size fits all
  • Strap length 58" (147 cm)


StrideLock locks the arm handles and foot pedals when not in use, making getting on and off safer and easier for all. StrideLock also gives more independence to users transferring from a wheelchair or walker and putting on adaptive equipment.

Unit Dimensions

Length 60” (152 cm)
Width 27” (69 cm)
Height 45” (115 cm)
Weight 210 lbs (95 kg)


View NuStep T4R Instruction Manual

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