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The Galaxy TTET300 is a multifunctional 3-section traction table which, in conjunction with a traction unit, allows for easy and efficient spinal traction treatment.

Galaxy Ttet-300 Traction Table comes with 3 Sections, 86.6 x 33.5 x 31.5 Inches , Surround Footbar Lift, 4 Casters

Traction treatment has been utilized for years as a safe solution in the treatment of spinal conditions involving nerve root compression, acute muscular spasm and osteoarthritic discogenic conditions.

Stretching the spine reduces pressure on the intervertebral disc, relaxes tense muscles, relieves compression and irritation of the nerve roots and improves circulation in the area of the vertebral artery.

The TTET300’s roller-mounted surface prevents friction below the hips and legs, allowing to apply the full traction force during vertebral treatment. In addition, because the rolling sections can be locked in place, this variable-height traction table also serves as an ideal treatment couch.

Galaxy TTET300 is available in two frame versions:

  • FO frame with two feet and two small wheels
  • F4 frame with four feet and four multidirectional, retractable wheels for easy transport
  • Traction unit and cervical traction unit are optional and sold separately.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides maximum patient comfort in prone and supine positions for both manual therapy and traction therapy
  • Roller-mounted surface prevents friction below the hips and legs
  • Repositional head/back section elevates to 85°
  • Gas spring assists on friction-free moveable sections for easy positioning
  • HalloTronic® System enables electric high/low height adjustment from 57 to 102 cm with capacity up to 200 kg

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