(CPO) StairMaster 4000PT Stepper


The legendary Stairmaster 4000PT is the original design stepper, made by the industry-leading manufacturer of steppers. The independent step action offers the extra wide "sweet spot" that makes the Stairmaster® so effective and enjoyable to use. It offers a wide range of exercise options to provide constant motivation and challenge for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. The speed control buttons allow for an increase or decrease the stepping speed at any point during the workout. This unit is the most commonly found stepper in gyms throughout the US and is therefore the "Industry Standard Machine"

+ Workout programs : 7 different workout programs 
+ Display Features : Elapsed Time, Calories Burned, Miles Traveled, Floors Climbed, Step Rate, Relative Workout Intensity "METs" and Power Output for Workout-to-Workout Comparisons 

Product Specifications

Size: 32"W x 40.5"L x 58"H

Product Weight: 130lbs

Power: 110v

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