(CPO) NuStep T5 Recumbent Cross Trainer


This NuStep Comes Fully Assembled

The NuStep T5 Recumbent Cross Trainer provides a low impact, inclusive, total-body cardiovascular and strengthening workout with a remarkable combination of motivating features and accessibility through its step-through design, resistance levels, and workout programs.

 After a four-year collaborative effort that drew on the expertise of exercise physiologists, ergonomic specialists and especially our customers, NuStep introduced the T5 Recumbent Cross Trainer. The all new T5 represents the full power of NuStep innovation with an extended range of features, adjustments, and versatility, all designed to offer the benefits of life transforming exercise to more users. Whatever your level of function, from deconditioned or disabled users to workout warriors and elite athletes, the Nustep T5 offers safe, effective, and adaptive exercise. No other exercise machine is as accessible, supportive, and versatile. Its versatility and display features take it a step above its competition. The workout is a natural motion that is easy on the hip and knee joints in a biomechanically correct workout position. It allows for Nustep T5 Total Body Conditioning of the cardiovascular and muscular systems.

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