Colpac Freezer - (Colpac Chilling Unit)

Colpac Freezer - Includes (12) Standard Size Colpacs

The ColPaC Freezer comes with 12 standard ColPacs that can be recycled every 2 hours. It has 5 spacious cubic feet of capacity with 4 convenient quick freeze shelves with trays and cup holders. It also facilitates the use of cold therapy. Five cubic feet of spacious capacity.  Four durable stainless steel shelves.  Comes complete with trays and cup holders.

  • Five cubic feet of spacious capacity
  • Four durable stainless steel shelves
  • Comes complete with trays and cup holders
  • Shipped with 12 standard size ColPacs®
  • UL listed and cUL listed

Chilling Unit for Use in Cold Therapy

The ColPac Freezer is designed to store and keep ColPac cold packs cold for use in cold therapy. The freezer maintains a therapeutic cold temperature range of -12°C to -6°C and can be adjusted by the cold control knob. The freezer temperature will become lower as the control knob is set closer to the "MAX" position. To defrost, remove contents from the freezer and set the knob to the "OFF" position.

Compact Freezer Offers Maximum Storage

The chilling unit effectively freezes cold packs and keeps the packs in a chilled ready-to-use state. The stainless steel unit has a capacity of 5 cubic feet, compact yet offering maximum storage space. The cold pack freezer is equipped with four convenient quick-freeze shelves that contain trays and cupholders. The ColPac Freezer also features a recessed, integrated door handle for quick and easy opening.

Holds Up to 12 Standard Size ColPacs

The ColPac Freezer holds 12 standard-sized ColPacs (included), which can each be reused after two hours of freezing. The ColPacs measure 11” (28 cm) L x 14” (36 cm) in size are filled with a non-toxic silica gel that remains pliable throughout treatment. The latex-free cold packs deliver up to 30 minutes of soothing relief from acute pain, swelling and fever.

Shipping Weight: 150 lb
Dimensions: 21 ¼"L x 26"W x 33 ½"H (53 cm x 66 cm x 86 cm)

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