33 Diode Cluster Applicator (Single) - 5X200MW 1440MW

Chattanooga Laser Therapy Applicator 33CLS 5x200MW 1440MW for Vectra Genisys 27808


  • Output Power: 1440mW Total
  • Laser Therapy can be controlled from the laser applicator
  • Electronic Signature Recognition allows each laser applicator to be used in a "plug-and-use" format

Ideal for larger treatment areas up to 20 cm*, such as the shoulders and lower back. Twelve LEDs, sixteen SLDs and five laser diodes. All Vectra Genysis Laser Applicators are interchangeable due to Electronic Signature technology.

33 Diode Cluster, 1440 mW Total Power, (5) 850 nm Laser Diodes @ 200 mW each, (8) 880 nm SLD Diodes @ 25 mW each, (8) 950 nm SLD Diodes @ 15 mW each, (12) 670 nm LED Diodes @ 10 mW each

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