Find the Best Recumbent Stepper For You

Across the country millions of people are in desperate need of rehab and exercise equipment, but often times these people are not always able to go out of their homes. At US Med Rehab we offer our products directly to you because we care about our seniors that are in need of an at home exercise and rehabilitation bike. Often times companies will make products for seniors, but they focus too much on the product not on who they are serving. At USMR we have switched that on its head by only offering products built to serve you. That’s why we are proud to serve not just physical therapy needs, but also your needs as a senior.

The NuStep is designed to offer you the ability to get a great workout right in your home while also providing ease of use and comfort as you work out. Our recumbent steppers come installed with a variety of features to make sure that using the product is as simple as possible, but also innovative enough to give you the best workout possible. 

Our senior focused features include easy step in design, a 360˚ swivel chair, supportive and stable foot pedals, smooth movement to imitate real-life movements, StrideLock®, adjustable arms, and so much more. We include these features in order to make this process as simple and as easy as possible for all people.

Made For People Like YOU

Our products aren’t just quality tested but we also make sure that these products are good for your health. We have found that our recumbent steppers are not only good for during recovery but is also good on its own as an at home exercise tool. Using a recumbent stepper for just 9 minutes a day has been proven to decrease blood pressure and increase strength and walking speed. This means that by using your recumbent stepper you not only get the benefits of working out, but the included benefits that come with our line of products. Using our products it makes it easier and quicker for you to get back to living your life to the fullest.

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