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USMR provides our customers with the best quality care and products for every type of rehab need. Our NuStep line features three main NuStep products: the T4R, T5, and the T6. Adding any of our NuStep Recumbent Cross trainers to your life can help you get to, or maintain, an active lifestyle. Weather you are working to get healthy and fit, trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, or if you are going through mobility issues or rehabilitation NuStep will make sure you get the exercise you need. The American Made equipment includes state of the art design and resistance levels to enable you to get low-impact, total-body workouts in the comfort of your own home.

Our NuStep Line

NuStep T4R

NuStep T5

NuStep T6

The NuStep T4R is our entry-level recumbent cross trainer, this base model contains the essentials to empowering your workouts across all ability levels. 

The NuStep T5 provides the same features as the T4 with enchantments so you can get even more out of your workout. The T5 also adds a step-through design for extra mobility while getting on or off

The NuStep T6 was manufactured so that you can get the same efficient exercise as the T5, but with more features and upgradable software to allow you to improve every aspect of your workout experience.  

What Do I Get From Upgrading?