Heavy Duty Aspirator

The Roscoe Heavy-Duty Aspirator is the perfect solution for all your suction needs. It is simple to use and has a durable design to withstand the rigors of homecare use. It produces a maximum vacuum of 560 mmHg and features a high-quality vacuum regulator with anti-vibration setting, a filter design which helps prevent contamination, oil-less, permanent lubrication and a collection bottle with overflow protection. Designed for portability at just 12 pounds, it's easy to carry and easy to clean.

  • Filter design helps prevent contamination
  • High quality vacuum regulator and anti-vibration vacuum gauge setting
  • Oil-free, permanent lubrication
  • Collection bottle with overflow protection
  • Superior performance and high reliability for continuous operation

HCPC Code: E0600

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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