US MedRehab: The Trusted Destination for Used Therapy Equipment

When you're in the market for therapy equipment, the decision to opt for new or used equipment can be a challenging one. While new equipment often comes with the allure of the latest features, used equipment can offer significant cost savings without compromising on functionality. If you're leaning towards the latter, US MedRehab is the destination for you. Renowned for their rigorous inspection process, certification of equipment, 6-month warranty, and exceptional delivery and setup services, US MedRehab stands as a trusted name in the realm of used therapy equipment.

Unparalleled Quality Assurance

The primary concern with purchasing used therapy equipment is often its quality and reliability. At US MedRehab, these concerns are thoroughly addressed. Every piece of used equipment undergoes a stringent inspection process, ensuring it meets the highest standards of functionality and safety.

US MedRehab's team of experts meticulously inspects each component of the equipment, from mechanical parts to software, ensuring all aspects function optimally. Only after passing this rigorous testing does the equipment receive certification, validating its readiness for use in a professional therapy setting.

Confidence with Warranty

While the certification offers peace of mind, US MedRehab goes a step further, offering a 6-month warranty on all used therapy equipment. This warranty underscores their confidence in the quality and reliability of their products. It also provides buyers with a safety net, ensuring that any potential issues that may arise will be promptly addressed, reducing downtime and ensuring the continuity of care for patients.

Hassle-Free Delivery and Setup

The purchase of therapy equipment doesn't end at the point of sale. Transporting and setting up such equipment can be a daunting task, especially for larger pieces. US MedRehab eliminates this concern with their in-home delivery and setup service.

The team at US MedRehab ensures that your used therapy equipment is delivered safely to your location, whether that's a clinic, a gym, or a home. Beyond delivery, their experts will also set up the equipment, guaranteeing it's installed correctly and ready for use. This service saves you time and allows you to focus on the essential task of providing care to your patients.


Navigating the market for used therapy equipment can be challenging, but US MedRehab simplifies this journey. With their exhaustive inspection process, certified equipment, a 6-month warranty, and unmatched delivery and setup services, they stand as a beacon of trust and reliability in the industry.

Choosing US MedRehab means investing in high-quality used therapy equipment, backed by a team dedicated to supporting your care delivery every step of the way. Make your used equipment purchase with confidence, knowing that you're backed by the US MedRehab promise of quality, reliability, and exceptional service.