(CPO) Scifit Recumbent Stepper RST7000 w/ Adjustable Seat


All body exercise, incorporating upper body linear movement.
Dependent step motion with self-leveling footplates
15Ó x 7Ó rubber footplates with safety edges and optional adjustable footstraps.
Singular lever removable seat with side assist lever, for wheelchair access, ADA compliant.
Step-through access with 2Ó step over.
Dual position hand grips.
Fit-Keyª technology, optional.
Multiple position rotational level system at four points.
Heart Rate compatible with most wireless technology.
Range Limiter optional, right and left independent.
Wheelchair platform with tiedowns optional.


Resistance system-3 phase combination generator and eddy
current brake with resistance output of 5 to 2000 watts.
Computer adjustable in .1 increments with 200 levels of resistance.
Starting wattage of 7 with low minimum rpm to begin.

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