Moveo XP Adjustable Height Platform (120 V)

The Moveo XP, an innovative exercise platform, combines the benefits of traditional tilt table standing with active exercise. This combination allows patients who are incapable of supporting full body weight to participate in graded weightbearing activity at an earlier stage in the rehabilitation process.


  • Accessible from a wheelchair or from the patient’s bed
  • Mobile hi-lo platform (20” - 37”)
  • 0 to 30 degrees gradual tilt
  • Sliding back and pelvic section allow for weight-bearing exercise
  • 3 to 70% body weight bearing
  • Mains powered with battery back up
  • Fold away split foot plates
  • Exercise band attachment points
  • Support pad for lower extremities
  • Easy to transport and operate
  • Designed to fit into the tight confines of the typical ICU and patient room

The Moveo XP is a weight bearing exercise platform for patients who need full body weight support to be able to exercise and participate in the rehabilitation process. This platform is ideal for patients with conditions such as: lower extremity weaknesses, poor postural control, poor muscle control, and decreased lower extremity range of motion. The Moveo XP is easily transported and can fit into tight spots and comes with fold-away foot plates, a sliding back and pelvic section, and optional support pad for lower extremities. Has a weigh capacity of 410 lbs.

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