CanDo Weight and Mirror Rack with accessories (Cuff Weights, 50yd band set, Dumbbells)


The CanDo® Weight and Mirror Rack can hold up to 48 cuff weights, 22 dumbbells, 6 rolls of exercise band and/or tubing and more. The strong polycarbonate dumbbell rods are found on the sides of the mobile rack and are angled for added stability. The white pegboard in the front holds cuff weights while the top rack holds 6 independent, quick-change positions  for your choice of exercise band and/or tubing. The Mirror is found on the back and has ANSI safety backing. It features 4-inch swivel casters (2 locking) and a protective bumper molding around the edge. This rack comes with accessories (Cuff Weights, 50yd band set, dumbbells).

***please allow 2 weeks for shipping