75 Gallon Lo-Boy Whirlpool - Mobile

The Lo-Boy combines full-body immersion with easy access and the ability to target various extremity regions along with hip and back areas. These long and shallow units are designed at a lower height with ease of access. With the addition of an Adjustable Head Rest, the patient’s upper back, shoulder and neck areas can also be targeted. This option provides a standard mobile unit.

Product Details:

  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Legacy Model:  JO-312
  • Appropriate for:  Athletic Trainer , Physical Therapy
  • Capacity in Liquid Volume:  75 gallons
  • Body Treatment Location(s):  sitting upper back
  • Internal Length:  52"
  • Internal Width:  24"
  • Internal Depth:  18"
  • Certification(s):  CE

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