50 PSI Aerosol Compressor

The Roscoe Heavy-Duty 50 psi Aerosol Compressor is perfect for patients who need humidification and who would also need to receive medication by means of nebulization. It is designed for efficient, continuous high-pressure performance. The powerful piston compressor delivers 50 psi at maximum pressure, dispensing all types of medication quickly and effectively. Due to the unique design of the WOBL piston, the compressor operates very quietly. It is easy to clean, portable and requires very little maintenance.

  • Designed for efficient, continuous high-pressure performance
  • Ultra-powerful compressor for both humidification and high flow, high pressure nebulization of viscous medications
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge
  • Optimizes medication delivery by aerosolizing to a particle size of < 2 microns
  • Detachable door protects components

HCPC Code: E0565

Warranty: 18 Months

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