15 Gallon Whirlpool with HydroLift (Whirlpool Lifting System)

The Hydrolift is the perfect apparatus for raising and lowering a single whirlpool to treat lower and/or upper extremities; in addition, the fully adjustable Hydrolift can raise the whirlpool rim up to 36 inches depending on the model. In normal operating conditions, the Hydrolift will remain stationary. However, for adaptable mobility, both the Hydrolift and whirlpool may be moved by lowering the whirlpool to the floor and using the whirlpool casters. This model features a 15 Gallon Whirlpool.

Product Details:
  • Capacity in Liquid Volume:  15 gallons
  • Body Treatment Location(s):  arm elbow & leg calf
  • Internal Length:  25"
  • Internal Width:  13"
  • Internal Depth:  15"

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