105 Gallon Hi-Boy Whirlpool - Stationary

The Hi-Boy series whirlpools offer complete coverage all the way to the back, hip and shoulder areas for full immersion and full-body hydrotherapy. Whitehall also offers an optional Adjustable Suspension Seat or Tank Top Seat, so lower extremities such as the lower leg, ankle and foot areas can still be targeted. This option provides a standard stationary unit.

Product Details:

  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Legacy Model:  DF-4828
  • Appropriate for:  Athletic Trainer , Physical Therapy
  • Capacity in Liquid Volume:  105 gallons
  • Body Treatment Location(s):  sitting neck
  • Internal Length:  48"
  • Internal Width:  24"
  • Internal Depth:  28"
  • Certification(s):  CE

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